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Welcome to our press download section, thanks for your interest in our work!

We want to make things easy for you. Here you can find complete information and hi res images of our products. Please read the instructions before proceeding.

1.- Please respect the credit of all images - CHUCH ESTUDIO.

2.- We want to help you to spread the word, tell us via once our projects has been published.

3.- We love to share our process and thoughts on design through our social networks, please follow us at:

Instagram: chuch_estudio

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Aranza Garcia was born in 1997 in Ciudad del Carmen, a small island in the south of Mexico. Her background on architecture graduated from the University of Monterrey, specializing in architecture, interiors, object design, and art. In 2020, she founded the CHUCH studio based in Yucatan, focusing on fun and colorful designs, always aiming to reflect the charisma that is Mexico.

Chuch Estudio is a multidisciplinary design studio encompassing areas of architecture, interiors and furniture. Each designed with interdisciplinary, poetic, and sculptural approaches. Chuch establishes healthy relationships with artisans to give a juicy twist to the rules and bring back joy and everydayness to the objects they produce. The results are fun, playful, emotional, absurd, colorful, and occasionally pretend to be serious.

Chuch proposes concepts around modern and artisanal design. They have first-hand knowledge of the production processes of popular pieces, crafts, and materials native to the various towns that make up Mexico's cultural richness, especially Mérida. They use vivid colors intuitively, making them their deepest distinctive. Turning pieces and spaces into places for hope and optimism, an excellent symbol of their patriotism and a reflection of Mexican culture.

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